Written / Directed / Performed by Shade Théret and Magdalena Mitterhofer

Premiere: MI.Glissee 4.-5.09.2021

Actors, performers, musicians: Aleksandra Zakharenko, Skjold Rambow, Alexander Iezzi, Shade Théret, Magdalena Mitterhofer
Musical direction: Alexander Iezzi
Costumes: Taylor Thoroski
Hair: Attila Kenyeres
Documentation (photography, video, trailer): Agustín Farias
Second camera: Arnold Trautwein
Curatorial: Joel Mu

Thanks and Acknowledgment: Henok Tsehaye, KuLe e.V. (Kultur & Leben)
Kindly supported by Neustart Kultur Take Action
A band and superfan ensemble, consists of singers and dancers, and musicians on drums, keyboard, bass and guitar.
Theatrically ‘dressed’ for a live concert, the band takes place in a generic, nondescript events venue on the inner city fringes of theatre and dance performances.
Music, monologues and choreographic elements are held together by a non-linear, diaristic narrative.
Improvisation creates an energetic exchange between the performers in front of an informal seated live audience.
Chance and luck, inherent in all live music, reframe and reshape the theatrical mode. Relationships unfold. Eroticism reveals itself.
One might think that the mystique of the band is lost in the process? And yet it is all there, on display.

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