Magdalena Mitterhofer at Panek

I always enjoyed watercolors. Yet for me I’m far too impatient to make them. 
Magdalena gave me one of her’s in the autumn of 2018 since then it’s hanging in my apartment’s hallway.
Last week I thought, why not show more of her’s to you. I called Magda and she sounded happy to do a show.
We installed several watercolor drawings made in between 2017 until now. 
This is the first show in my flat which is also my studio and now becoming a  space to show other artists I admire,
all in one so to say.
This show gives you a first broader insight in Magda’s deliberately and thoughtful made watercolors.
Wassertorstrasse 65
9th floor.


for Ivan Chengs No Rave - Wagon Wheel Metatheatre (2021)

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