Bestien des Stils
Performance / Video
written / directed by Magdalena Mitterhofer 
with excerpts of B.Brecht „Der gute Mensch von Sezuan“ und P.P.Pasolini „Bestia di Stile“
performed by Anastasiia Batashova, Magdalena Mitterhofer and M. K. Frøslev
music by M. K. Frøslev
costumes by 1000Morceaux
filmed by Alexander Iezzi and Baonan Wang
photographer Luis Artemio De Los Santos
video edit Magdalena Mitterhofer
consulting Arnold Trautwein
Thanks to Fu Li Lai Restaurant, Steglitz
Draußenstadt Steglitz
produced by Lament.tv with Shade Théret 2022
The chamber play revolves around the complex relationship between a mother and daughter as they re-enact Brecht's well-known play "The Good Woman of Szechuan."
The characters navigate through a perpetual conflict that intertwines their roles as mother and daughter and their Brechtian counterparts.
The daughter, who plays the character of Shen Te, embodies an ideologically liberal, manic persona, while the mother,
Shui Ta, represents a despairing and sarcastic opposite. The play explores themes such as incest, inheritance, debt, war, fascism and spirituality.
The title of the play „Bestien des Stils" is borrowed from Pasolini's work "Bestia da Stile," written in 1968.


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